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Preferred Construction Solutions Provider

High Octane Engineering Limited is organized around Project teams that operate with a clear vision of the task to be achieved. The Project Manager is the principal contact with the client and the partners for the entire duration of the project.

Building & Civil Engineering Contractors; Your Partner In Construction Solutions.

High Octane Engineering Limited main aspect in the industry is to focus on the Production of Construction Projects. We therefore build Construction Projects of our various clients.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out full site investigation to ensure bids includes all the cost of Contractual risks and problems that may be encountered during the Project life.
  • Submission of Priced Bills of Quantities, for Examination and Correction to ensure Smooth Construction Project implementation
  • Planning and Programming of Works and reprogramming thereafter whenever unforeseen events frustrate the program as originally planned.
  • Controlling directly Employed Operatives, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Materials and Plant Equipment for efficient execution of the Project Program to within the Specified
  • Time, Budget, and Specified Quality of workmanship and meeting the Clients Functional requirements.
  • Coordinating the efforts of all Operatives and ensuring that completed Works Comply with Contract Specification and are also to the Satisfaction of the Designers and the Client
  • Notifying the Project Professionals of Information Requirements on Time, Delays to the Construction Program, Discrepancy between Contract Documents, Direct Loss and/or
  • Expense Sustained ie. anything that will affect the Construction Project.
  • Paying the Wages of Directly Employed Operatives, Sub-contractors and Suppliers in time to avoid Conflicts over Payments, which may in turn affect the Project delivery period
  • Taking steps to carry out the Contractor’s Obligation to rectify all defects on completion of the Work, within the Specified defect liability period.
  • Preservation of Health and Safety Standards within the Construction Site and amongst All the Operatives involved in the Construction Project to Minimize incidents and accidents Providing Post Occupancy Repair and Maintenance Services if so required by the Clients.


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