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Preferred Construction Solutions Provider

High Octane Engineering Limited is organized around Project teams that operate with a clear vision of the task to be achieved. The Project Manager is the principal contact with the client and the partners for the entire duration of the project.

Building Construction Services

Construction Services

High Octane Engineering Limited main aspect in the industry is to focus on the Production of Construction Projects.


Project Management and Administration

Project Management and Administration

High Octane Engineering Limited is organized around Project teams that operate with a clear vision of the task to be achieved.


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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering works

We construct, manage and maintain the infrastructure that supports modern society including roads, dams, tunnels, bridges etc.

Construction Maintenance

Construction Maintenance Services

We offer construction maintenance services for commercial buildings, and residential apartment all over Kenya.

Plant and Equipment

Plant and Equipment

We are striving to be among the most equipped Construction Companies in the region to be able to serve our Clients Effectively and on time.

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